Järkyttäviä kipuja! Monacon ruhtinas Albertin Jazmin-tytär sairasti saman taudin kuin isänsä!

19.09.2020 21:04

Monacon ruhtinas Albert sai keväällä koronan USA:n vierailun yhteydessä. Nyt hänen avioton tyttärensä, Jenkeissä asuva Jazmin Grimaldi, 28, kertoo sairastaneensa elokuussa saman taudin, mutta vielä pahempana kuin isänsä. Yazim joutui jopa sairaalaan ja kuvailee kipujensa olleen järkyttävät.

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In honor of the @toryburchfoundation summit today to #embraceambition and a Happy belated Earth Day because the earth should be celebrated and cared for everyday! 🙌🏼🌎🌍🌏🏝🗻💚 I’m making it a point to become more educated on and advocate for more enviromentally conscious ways to help and conserve for our planet. There is no Plan B; One life, one planet. I was so honored to attend the EVER Monaco electric car convention and conference with my father. I was able to learn more about the progress being made in the impressive electric car community and more about sustainable alternatives for contributing to a healthier eco friendly ‘no carbon footprint’ planet. I was asked to talk about my experience and participation in driving one of the first electric cars in the Rallye Aicha Des Gazelles. I believe electric cars are the future, there is still work to be done, improvements to be executed, but progress is being made. I’m proud of my fathers work in the environmental community, his passionate efforts to preserve and make the planet a better place through his foundation,and his sustainability efforts in Monaco and every day life. THANK YOU for setting the example and making these issues visible. Let’s all strive to make a serious effort to preserve and improve our planet each day! 👊🏼🙏🏻🌿📝🐝 #happyearthday #enviromentallyconscious #onelifeoneplanet #conservation #sustainability #ocean #desert #electriccars #savetheplanet #doyourpart #tuneintuesday #turnituptuesday #talktuesday #jazmingracegrimaldi #princealbertofmonaco #fatherdaughter #evermonaco #monaco

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So proud to be apart of the first Hollywood for the Global Oceans Gala last night in LA alongside my Father. My Father, Prince Albert II of Monaco was honored for his commitment with his foundation @fondationprincealbert2 to act against the environmental dangers threatening our planet and make populations vulnerable. The foundation focuses it’s efforts on domains of action in climate change, biodiversity and water resources and funds initiatives in the fields of research and studies through technological innovation and socially aware practices. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is taking action to curb the issues of climate change by promoting a sustainable ocean, finding scientific solutions and work with communities to adapt and maintain coral reef conservation, development of marine protected areas, starting the beyond plastic med initiative to fight against plastic pollution, protection of endangered species, promoting and guiding marine sectors towards better strategies for sustainable marine practices, awareness, education and increase knowledge in developing tools of action to protect biodiversity. We must not be ignorant of the dangers we are facing and take action to save our planet today! Thank you to @sharonstone @umathurman @mrodofficial @chrisisaak @macygray @simondepury and @chopard for all your support last night! Dress by @naeemkhannyc Photos by @gettyimages and @davebenett 🙏🏻 #hollywoodforglobaloceangala #globaloceangala #princealbertofmonaco #monaco #princealbertiiofmonacofoundation #saveourplanet #sustainability #climateaction #fridaysforfuture #oceanpreservation

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I have been very fortunate to experience a lot of love growing up, and I have been extremely blessed to have two Father figures in my life. I have led a private unique life and with that comes vulnerabilities, but one thing I know for certain is that sharing love and appreciation should never be an apology. I’m so thankful for all that these two men have done, for their continuous love, protection, guidance, teachings and all they have sacrificed and accomplished! I respect and admire them both so much, and I only hope I make them as proud. Along with my beautiful mother they have both helped shape the young woman I am today. The greatest similarity they share is their abundant heart ❤️. The beauty in our relationships, as different as they may be at times is that we are still learning from one another daily and have such an effortless strength in our growing daddy daughter relationships. I couldn’t be more proud to be their daughter and celebrate them on this day. I miss them and hope to reunite soon! Sending lots of love to all the Fathers out there, biological and heaven sent. There is a precious sacred bond between a daddy and a daughter that can never be broken. Here’s to the men that are great fathers, biological or not that help shape lives, mentor, inspire and nurture young souls. I am in awe of the dedication and unconditional love parents have for their young especially single mothers and fathers that take on both roles. Never forget you are worthy of love and acceptance in all forms, it is your birthright. Love is love, love has no label and the soul knows no difference. Thank you ❤️ pops and daddio this ones for you! #happyfathersday #happydadsday #fatherdaughter #Father #dad

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