Robert Helenius charged with DUI: “I tripped under pressure”

16.04.2014 15:08
Finnish boxing star Robert Helenius was charged with driving under the influence yesterday (15.3.). Robert himself admits the charges, but claims that the whole incident was a matter of misjudgment. 
Robert had been holidaying on a Finnish cruise ship and was returning to Helsinki. He had drank a few drinks on the ship, but felt that he was still able to drive when boarding the harbor. The police breathalyzer test showed otherwise.
- The amount I drank should not have shown on the test, but somehow it did. I feel so disappointed, Robert told Seiska.

"I screwed up"

The legal driving limit in Finland for driving under the influence is 0,05 % per milliliter of blood. Apparently Robert was only slightly over the limit. Nevertheless he will likely be fined and face having his license suspended.
- I want to apologize publicly for what happened. My intention was not to offend anyone by messing up, but I tripped under pressure. I screwed up and it won’t happen again, Robert added.

Not a career ender

Helenius’s star has been fading rapidly ever since his contract troubles with Team Sauerland started last year. He has not fought for over a year and is currently holding various sponsorship negotiations. The DUI charge will surely not help with his career prospects.
However Robert assures that this will not signify the end of his career. He is currently preparing for a fight and claims to be in the best shape of his life.
- The training is proceeding exceptionally and I’m already preparing for my next fight. I’ll humbly accept all the consequences of my mistake. Alcohol is not for athletes, but life goes on, Helenius summarized.
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