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Jessica Edström

Pornoileva suomalainen povipommi Jessica Edström julkaisi hyvin paljastavan kuvan - rinnat vievät kaiken huomion!

19.10.2017 17:12

Suomalainen povipommi Jessica Edström on jälleen viihdyttänyt sosiaalisen median seuraajiaan paljastavalla kuvalla.

Pietarsaaresta alun perin kotoisin oleva entinen Seiskan Tähtityttö julkaisi torstaina Instagramissa kuvan, jossa hän poseeraa pelkkissä rintaliiveissä. Kuvatekstissä Jessica kertoo lomailevansa lähiajat Etelä-Afrikassa tutkimusmatkaillen, mutta kuvassa kaiken huomion vievät Jessican rinnat. 

LUE MYÖS: Huhhuh, mitä pornoilua! Seiskan Tähtityttö Jessica Edström poseeraa täysin estoitta alasti, häpykin vilkkuu - kuva!


Sorry for bad updates babes ? But #hakunamatata, I'm exploring Africa ?

Henkilön Jessica Edström ? (@pezsi) jakama julkaisu

Jessican Instagram-tilillä paljasta pintaa riittää runsaasti. Osa kuvista on hyvinkin pornahtavia, osa taas hieman kiltimpää materiaalia. Alla esimerkkejä.

KATSO MYÖS: Povipommi Jessica Edström kiusoittelee pornahtavalla kuvalla ja kaksimielisellä kysymyksellä - onko sinulla ""puuta"" tämän otoksen äärellä?

KATSO MYÖS: Jessica Edström koetteli naapurirauhaa: suihkutteli takapihalla täysin alasti - kuva K-16!


Tel Aviv baby.

Henkilön Jessica Edström ? (@pezsi) jakama julkaisu


Did you say pizza?? ?? What's your favourite Sunday food? ? #cheatday ? Bo Gerbert

Henkilön Jessica Edström ? (@pezsi) jakama julkaisu


Okay so after my last post where I got some ? comments and clearly not all of you understood to see the #SARCASM in the picture (I actually have no idea why it triggered some to be so mad writing how stupid I am just because of a PICTURE?! ?? Sorry but whoever REALLY think I walk around in the Finnish forest naked obviously haven't ever been to Scandinavia, or a forest, or obviously didn't think it fully through before going crazy and mean) I wanna just say a few words.. ? 1. Most important, which shouldn't be breaking news to anyone ? ❗? INSTAGRAM IS NOT  REAL LIFE ?❗ And I'm very sorry if someone did belive so. ? Instagram is selected highlights of every single Instagram users life. It's not the person's entire life, it's a highlight, or not even necessarily a highlight - but it's however a selected choice. Do you think I'm the girl on the pictures I choose to show you? Ofc it is, it is me, a PART of me that I wanna share and that I CHOOSE to share. The people who knows me almost NEVER see me as how YOU on Instagram ONLY sees. Instagram isn't real life. It's all for fun. ?❤ And second of all 2. I block ppl who repeatedly puts in negative comments ? #sorrynotsorry ✋ And why wouldn't I? I don't do anything bad to anyone of you, all I'm trying to do is spreading #goodenergy, #positivevibes and love ??♾ Someone who's writing bad comments here I honestly can't see any good reason of why are following me ? and I am glad to help them stop it for themselves by blocking them. #nohaters ?? Same with negative comments, I say straight away #byebyebaby to them with the delete button. ?✔ As said, I'm trying to do good energy here, why would I wanna have some bullshit around then? ??✋ Buuuuut, 3. I fcking LOVE all the support and love most of you give me! ?❤ I often think that oh 61k followers is a low amount, but what the hell, it's actually 3 times the population of my hometown! That's a shit loads of ppl who choose to follow ME, like ME and appreciate ME!! ? Thank YOU, I truly mean it, THANK YOU sweethearts from all over the world for all your love. I hope I can put a smile on your faces as much as you put one on mine ❤❤❤

Henkilön Jessica Edström ? (@pezsi) jakama julkaisu


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