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Triana Iglesias ja Mikael Gabriel

Mikael Gabrielin Triana-rakas esittelee kuumia kurvejaan pienen pienissä bikineissä - onko tämä peppu muka luomu!? Katso!

01.03.2018 17:45

 X-Factor- tuomarina nähtävän suomalaisräppärin Mikael Gabrielin kihlattu Triana Igleasias on asunut viime kuukaudet Meksikossa, jossa kuvataan Norjan Paratiisihotellin uutta tuotantokautta.

KATSO MYÖS: Vapise Coco Austin – Mikael Gabrielin Playboy-kullan Triana Iglesiaksen kuumat kurvit räjäyttävät tajunnan! Seksiä tihkuva kuvavertailu! 

Triana toimii ohjelman juontajana ja postailee Instagram-tililleen tiuhaan tahtiin kuumaakin kuumempia kuvia sekä Meksikon maisemista että itsestään.


Tonic of the wilderness... ?✨??? #youarenature

Henkilön Triana Iglesias (@trianaiglesias) jakama julkaisu


Or Guy... ?? (Still loving this book)

Henkilön Triana Iglesias (@trianaiglesias) jakama julkaisu


My Dark Side: I used to be control freak… If someone came to my apartment and started to move something around, I would have to put everything back in to the exact same place. Fortunately, it’s so much better nowadays. But I still find myself trying to control sometimes. And if life doesn't move accordingly to my plan I sometimes freak out. I guess you know what I am talking about and that I am not alone about this!? Right? So where does the need to control come from? We feel the need to control because we’re not able to deal with the emotions that appears when things are different from our belief systems…Suffering is holding on to the idea of how things should be instead of accepting how things are. Thats when you change and transform, by surrendering and leting go. Over and over again. Its really about accepting what IS. Life is nature, it is unpredictable and the best way is to trust the process and allow the true flow. Did you know that each time we step out of our comfort zone we feel uncomfortable and its easy to create a lot of negative thoughts how it should have been differently… When it’s actually all PERFECT!! The mind is just too busy to see the beauty of the situation. Why the situation actually is perfect. I had that lesson a few years ago when the media were making up stories about me that was not true. I couldn't bare with all the negative emotions and self-doubt. Again, @samaya_behrens helped me to turn this negativity around as blessing for my growth and made me understand how I can distinguish what is true to my soul and what my ego wants me to believe in. Distinguishing what the difference between the ego self and true self was a big breakthrough for me. Samaya is explaining more of this in our free educational email number 2. ✨ If you want to learn more about this and be a part of my self-love journey then go to my link in bio and click now! All is ❤️! Photo: @oonahagen Mua: @dollytrolleybeauty

Henkilön Triana Iglesias (@trianaiglesias) jakama julkaisu

Trianan seksiä tihkuvat kurvit on noteerattu myös maailman suosituimmassa miestenlehdessä Playboyssa.


Viime vuonna kihlautuneet Mikael Gabriel ja norjalaiskaunotar ovat seurustelleet vuodesta 2015. He tapasivat keväällä 2015 Gumball 3000 -rallissa.

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