Julia Tukiainen , rakas siskoni </3

Julia Tukiainen , rakas siskoni </3

Käyttäjältä Jasmine Tukiainen
17.12.2013 14:17
May the angels take care of you now, no pain and no darkness, no more.
They say if you have a sister, you'll always have a friend. You were my bestest friend and I love you more then words can say. I have no words. If I could, I would switch places with you. I would do Anything for you, anything. I know it was not on purpose, and maybe that's why I blame myself, but this feeling, never to hug you again, never be with you again, is murdering me. There is so much I want to say you, to hold you and be with you. To just hug you and say, I love you, like we always do when we see. For almost 25 years you have been my support column, you have been there for Me. And all I want now is to be there for you. With you. When I look back I see all memories, everything you did and said, you were such a crazy "boy-kid" a real daddy's girl with tools in your hands and always doing some tricks. You were funny, energetic and the sister who always took care of me when I was a kid. Even when we grow up together you were my idol and my friend. The one I could tell Everything to. To share everything with. The last years you were in a dark place. But we still stuck together and wrote almost everyday and I really tried to be there for you. I hope you know it. Sometimes when people get sick, they don't realize how dangerous it could be. But you did get trough! You got trough everything against what everybody said. I have never met so strong person as you. You were not weak as somebody would think, you did fight everything and everybody and with weakness you can say love. You were to busy by loving others you didn't see yourself. I have so much to say, and even more to think but I will have no words for it. I think, all I want to say. Is that I love you. And I always will. You will always stay in my heart. Even tough it's broken in pieces now. When it heals, I will be a fighter, like you. I hope you are in a safe place now, no darkness and no pain and I don't know why but it feels that you're smiling right now. Our whole family is heartbroken, we miss you, so much. Before I cry my eyes out, I want to say. I love you from my whole heart. <3 may you rest in peace and I hope you will wait for me so I can hug you once again.

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